Agriculture Medicine and Environment Division (AMED)

The Agriculture, Medicine and Environment (AME) Division of the CSIR-Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI) is a research focused division with researchers from diverse academic and professional backgrounds with researchers publishing in different leading local and international academic journals as well as producing other scholarly outputs.

The Division can boast of expertise in agricultural economics, economics and econometrics, environmental management, development studies, among others. Research and development activities in this Division are conducted within the broader framework of Agriculture, Medicine and Environment, in the context of international, national and local policy.These expertise are employed in addressing important societal challenges, through policy-focused research, by engaging with diverse clients including government and civil society.

To fulfil its mandate, experts in the Division undertake research into topical on socio-economic and policy related issues on climate change, poverty reduction, innovation systems, sustainable intensification, sustainable development and inclusive growth. Outputs from such researches provide evidence-based information for policy design, formulation and implementation. The results of such research bring our researcher into contact with a wider audience including policy makers, international organizations through a variety of impactful channels.

he multidisciplinary approach of the Division towards research help facilitates all rounded policy making in several areas of the economy including poverty, gender, and inequalities as well as socio-political power imbalances, food and nutrition insecurity. Our current research and development activities have focused on climate change, innovations platforms and innovations systems, food and nutrition security and how these are shaping and being shaped by gender, class and other dynamics of society. In the area of medicine, the division has been focusing on orthodox and traditional medicine and in recent times trying to look at the challenge of obesity. The Division collaborates with other divisions of the Institute on various projects and assignments. Researchers in the division have led externally-funded research projects for the European Union, the United Kingdom government, and other Research Organizations such as International Development Research Council (IDRC) of Canada. Read more on the activities of the division at Current Projects and Publications.