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AGRA, STDF and CSIR-STEPRI Launches National Policy for Aflatoxin Control in Food and Feed

The Republic of Ghana is on the path of overcoming issues related to aflatoxin contamination in feed and food (groundnuts, maize, and other raw and processed products) through the recently developed landmark National Policy for Aflatoxin Control in Food and Feed (“Aflatoxin Policy”). The Science and Technology Policy Research Institute of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-STEPRI) collaborated with the Alliance for Green Revolution Africa (AGRA) with support of the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF)[1] to prioritize investments related to aflatoxin control and rank the various activities identified in the National Policy’s implementation plan.

Through harnessing the power of strong public-private dialogue and economic data and evidence, STDF’s framework to prioritize investments (“P-IMA”)[2] has helped CSIR-STEPRI and other national stakeholders to identify resources and investments required to bring the policy’s vision to life. Under this process, a first consultative workshop was organized in July 2022. At this workshop, participants identified key investment options from the National Aflatoxin Policy Implementation Plan, defined Decision Criteria for the priority setting, compiled the necessary data/information, and performed the prioritization using a software (“D-sight”). Based on this work, which has been anchored in strong dialogue and consultation with national authorities and stakeholders, a draft report which outlines priority areas for resource mobilization and investments to control aflatoxins has been produced.

This prioritization work builds on previous collaboration between AGRA and CSIR-STEPRI which supported the development of the Ghana Aflatoxin Policy. Consequently, alongside the validation workshop, the aflatoxin policy was launched by the Government of Ghana, and a validation workshop was organized on the 12th October 2022 in Accra, Ghana to review the draft report to solicit feedback and input from stakeholders.

Specific Objectives and Expected Outcomes

  • Launched the National Policy for Aflatoxin Control in Feed and Food- Republic of Ghana
  • Validated the P-IMA report prioritizing aflatoxin investment options.


Key stakeholders were from public and private sectors, academia/researchers, NGOs, and Development Partners. The Launching session was graced by the ministers of Environment, Science Technology and Innovation and other high-level government officials from Trade and Industry, agriculture, health, and environment, science, technology and innovation.

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