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WIDER UPTAKE Project Organizes Community of Practice Meeting

The WIDER UPTAKE Project is a HORIZON 2020-funded Innovation Action being implemented in Ghana by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) with the partnership of Sewage Systems Ghana Limited (SSGL), and in collaboration with 16 other research and water utility organisations in five European countries. The overall objective of WIDER UPTAKE is to facilitate industrial symbiosis and wider uptake of water-smart solutions for wastewater reuse and resource recovery. Specifically, in Ghana, the project is seeking to: (i) promote the wider uptake of biochar produced from sludge recovered from wastewater treatment; (ii) and the use of treated wastewater for urban farming.

In pursuit of the project’s goal, a Community of Practice Meeting and Workshop event was organised on March 22, 2022 to:

  • Validate a stakeholder mapping network; and
  • Advance pathways towards the development of a business model for water-smart solution in Ghana.

In carrying out a stakeholder mapping through in-depth interviews, it emerged that the network in Ghana has the presence of all key stakeholders that support the functioning of the network. Also, it was revealed that engaging more stakeholders to strengthen the network through the community of practice framework has been advantageous. Furthermore, the mapping exercise revealed that there exist more uni-directional interactions compared to bi-directional and thus, not guaranteeing feedback loops and showing a clear case of resource dependency.

In the case of advancing pathways towards the development of a business model, the Triple Layered Business Model Canvas (TLBMC) by Joyce et (2016) was presented and following from the presentation, workshop participants went into breakout sessions to discuss the various components of the three layers in the TLBMC.