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  • Dr. G.O. Essegbey, B.Sc. (Zool.), Post-Graduate Dip. (Comm. Stud.), M.A. (International affairs), Ph.D. (Dev. Stud.) – Director.
Commercialization and Information Division (CID)
  • G.A. Sampson, Dip. (Journalism), M.A. (Mass Communication), Public Relations Officer. Post-Graduate Dip-Marketing.
  • Mohammed Kamil Suley, B.A., M. Phil. (Sociology), Post-Graduate Dip-Marketing,   Research Scientist.
  • Masahudu Fuseni, M.Sc. Social Research, B.A Sociology
Agriculture, Medicine and Environment Division (AMED)
  • Dr. N. Obirih-Opareh, M.Sc. (Econs.), Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist (Head).
  • R.A. Ampadu, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Agric. Econs.), Research Scientist.
  • Gordon Akon-Yamga, B.A. Geography, MPhil. (Env. Sci), Research Scientist.
  • Paul Boadu, B.A. Economics, MPhil (Econs.), Research Scientist.
Industry and Services Division (ISD)
  • G.K. Frempong, B.A. (Sociology/ Law), M.A.(Technology Policy), Ph.D. (Sociology), Senior Research Scientist. (Head).
  • E.K. Tetteh, HND (Stats), B.Ed. (Pop. Studies), M.A (Demography) Research Scientist.
  • Mrs. Rose Omari B.Sc., M. Phil. (Food Science), Research Scientist.
  • Roland Asare, B.Sc. Environmental Engineering, MBA (Finance). Research Scientist


  • S.G. Cudjoe, HND (Accounting), C.A. (Ghana).