2018 Staff Publications

Refereed Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

  1. Akon-Yamga, G. (2018). Philosophy and Public Policymaking: On the Need for Conceptual Clarity in the Natural Resources Curse Thesis. A Paper Presented at the 2018 Public Philosophy Network Conference, 8th -11th February 2018, Boulder, Co., USA.
  2. Akon-Yamga, G. (2018). Nudging for the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 6 in Ghana. A Paper Presented at the 2018 16th GLOBELICS International Conference 2018, 24th -26th October 2018, Accra, Ghana.
  3. Asafu-Adjaye, N. Y., Amikuzuno, J. and Issahaku, G. (2018), Who benefits, Who Loses and What can be done? – An Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Climate Change with and without Adaptation on Smallholder Farmers in Ghana. Paper Presented at 30th International Conference of Agricultural Economist. July 28 – August 2, 2018. Vancouver.
  4. Asafu-Adjaye, N.Y. Quaye, W., Yeboah, A., Agbedanu, E. E. (2018) “Gendered Analysis of ICT Enabled Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services: The Case of Agro-Tech Smart Extension Model”. Paper Presented at 16th International GLOBELICS Conference. 24th to 26th October, 2018 Mensvic Hotel, Accra. 5. Boadu, P., Aidoo, R., Ohene-Yankyera, K., Kleih, U., Abdoulaye, T., Maroya, N., Orchard, O., Bekoe, S. (2018). Analysis of seed yam varieties, sources and quantity demanded in major yam producing districts in Ghana. A paper presented at the 16th International Globelics Conference, 24-26th October 2018, Accra, Ghana.
  5. Omari, R. (2018). Bridging Research-Industry Gap– The Necessities. A presentation at 16th Globelics International Conference. 24th - 26th October, 2018, Mensvic Grand Hotel, Accra, Ghana.
  6. Omari, R. (2018). The role of research in the Policy process: the case of six policies in Ghana. A presentation at the CSIR-RSA AGM, 16th – 18th October, 2018, Accra, Ghana.
  7. Omari, R. (2018). Advocacy for scaling up biofortified crops for improved micronutrient status in Africa: Approaches, Successes, Challenges and Lessons. A paper presented at 8th ANEC Conference, 1-5 October 2018, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  8. Omari, R. (2018). Combating micronutrient deficiency: The role of biofortification. A presentation made at the Technical Workshop on Food Safety and Healthy Diets, 12-13 September 2018, Vatican City.
  9. Omari, R. (2018). Existing policy and regulatory framework for aflatoxin control in Ghana. A presentation made at the launch of Aflase GH02, June 29, 2018, Alisa Hotel, Accra, Ghana.
  10. Omari, R. (2018). Risk assessment of aflatoxin in weanimix complementary food. A paper presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI), June 12-13, 2018, Fairmont Washington DC Hotel, DC USA.
  11. Osei-Amponsah, C. Paassen A. V. and Essegbey, G.O. (2018) Agricultural partnerships for inclusive innovation: transforming soybean value chains in the Northern Region of Ghana, 16th Globelics Conference 2018.
  12. Osei-Amponsah, C. (2018). Agricultural Partnerships: Inclusive Development and Empowerment Outcomes and participated in discussions at an Agriculture Sector Working Group meeting, organized by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in collaboration with development partners involved in agriculture, at the MoFA Resource Centre, Accra, 30th August 2018

Technical Reports

  1. Agyeman A., Quaye W., Boadu P., Akuffobea-Essilfie M., Asafu-Adjaye N.Y. and Atibilla, T. (2018). Information Note from findings of a study on: “Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Atebubu-Amantin Municipal in Ghana using the CBMS”.
  2. Akuffobea-Essilfie M., Liwenga E., Essegbey G.O. and Wellard K. (2018). Information note from findings of a study on: “Assessing gendered impacts of climate variability on community livelihoods in protected areas: A case of rural communities in Agogo, Asante Akim North District of Ghana”.
  3. Dzanku M. F., Zambrano P., Woodsichra U., Falck-Zepeda B. J., Chambers A. J., Hanson H., and Boadu P. (2018). Adoption of GM crops in Ghana: Ex ante estimations for insect-resistant cowpea and nitrogen-use efficient rice. IFPRI Discussion Paper 01775. December 2018.
  4. Osei-Amponsah C., Asafu-Adjaye N. Y., Addo M. D. and Sarpong-Anane A. (2018). Sustainable intensification gaps in agricultural policies and programmes of Ghana. Africa RISING Project.
  5. Osei-Amponsah C. (2018). Focused (Agriculture) Political Economy Analysis report: CONNECT- Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the heart of Government decisions Project.
  6. Osei-Amponsah C. (2018). Country Political Economy Analysis report: CONNECT, Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the heart of Government decisions Project (IIED/ UNEPWCMC).


Refereed Journal Papers

  1. Essegbey, G.O., Owuraku Sakyi-Dawson, Dansou Kossou, Bara Ouologuem, Fiadiala Dembele, Richard Adu-Acheampong and Janice Jiggins (2017) “External influences on agro-enterprise innovation platforms in Benin, Ghana and Mali – Options for effective   responses”, Cah. Agric., 26, 45011.
  2. Owusu-Amankwah, R., Guido Ruivenkamp, George O. Essegbey and Godfred Frempong (2017) “The Nature, Extent and Effect of Diversification on Livelihoods of Farmers: A Case Study of Cocoa Farmers in Ghana”, International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 652 – 657.
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Unedited Conference Papers

  1. Essegbey, G.O. and Onumah, J.A. (2017). Science, Technology and Innovation Policy -Issues of Relevance and Impact  for Africa in relation to the Sustainable Development        Goals. A paper presented to the 2017 AFRICALICS Conference, 27th – 29th November,  2017, Oran, Algeria
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  4. Ransford Karbo & Roland Asare (2017). Contribution of Renewable Energy to Socio-Economic Development of Communities in Ghana: Key Challenges and Policy        Implications. Presented at the 3rd Ghana Renewable Energy Fair, International      Conference Center, Accra. 11th October 2017.
  5. Osei-Amponsah, C., Klerkx, L., van Paassen, A., van Mierlo, B.and Essegbey, G.O. (2017). Institutional Entrepreneurship for Innovations in Agricultural Value Chains: What more for project-based partnerships? In Boadu, P., Quaye, W., Onumah, J., and Essegbey, G.O. (Eds.), Development innovation-Putting the pieces together. (p. 71-85). Proceedings of the Innovation conference Ghana, Accra, 27th-28th September 2016, Print           Innovation, Accra.
  6. Onumah, J.A., Quaye, W., Decker, E. and Essegbey, G.O. (2017). Spreading the “Gospel”of Science, Technology and Innovation Research in Ghana: A Two-Case Experience of the CSIR-Science and Technology Policy Research Institute. The Global  Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems  (GLOBELICS) Conference on 11th-13th October, 2017, Athens, Greece.

Book Chapters

  1. Fu, X., Essegbey, G.O., and Frempong, G.K. (2017) “MNEs’ and Capabilities Building in Ghana”, in Pervez N. Ghauri, Xiaolan Fu and Juha Vaatanen (Eds.) Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development, International Business & Management Vol. 33,  Emerald Publishing, Bingley, UK, pp.173-194.
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Monographs, Handbooks, Pamphlets/Policy Briefs

  1. Edited) Osei-Amponsah, C., van Paassen, A., Essegbey, G.O., and Bolfrey-Ark, G. (2017). Innovation Platform  as  a  tool  for  agricultural  development: Insights for research and extension, CSIR-STEPRI policy brief
  2. Osei-Amponsah, C., van Paassen, A. and Essegbey, G.O., (2017). Creating public-private partnerships and innovation platforms for agricultural development: Insights for development partners, CSIR-STEPRI policy brief

Technical Reports

  1. Adofo, K., Baafi, E., Adu-Kwarteng, E., Quain, M. D., Amengor, N. E. Appiah Danquah, P., Bortey, H. M., Asamoah, E. A. Aubyn, A., Appiah-Kubi, D., Osei, Bonsu, P., Akom, M.,     Oppong, A., Agyeman, A., Addo, A., Mochia, M., Sanda, U., Osei, K., Bolfrey-Arku, G.,     Boakye, S. G., Awoodzie, J. K., Asamoah Obeng, N., Okyere, F., Amoa-Owusu, A.,      Allotey, L. N. A., Akomeah, B. and Abrokwaah, L. A. (2017). Release of Sweet Potato     Genotypes. Report submitted to the National Variety Release committee in support of the     release of four sweet potato varieties in Ghana.
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  4. Julia Tagwireyi and Omari R. (2017). A situational analysis of regional investments, policies, and legislation and advocacy efforts on food-based approaches to combating micronutrient deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focus on biofortification. FARA Research Report, 1(7).
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Refereed Journal Papers

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Book Chapters

     1. Essegbey, G.O. and Stephen Awuni (2016) “Chapter 5: Herbal Medicine in the Informal Sector of Ghana”, in Erika Kraemer-Mbula and Sacha Wunsh-Vincent                 (Eds.) The Informal Economy in Developing Nations – The Hidden Engine of Innovation? Cambridge University Press, pp. 194 – 227

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Technical Reports

    1. Quaye, W., Awuni, S., Abubakari M., Addo-Yobo., F and Rockson, G. (2016). Baseline Survey Report for ‘Operationalizing Green Economy Transition in Africa:               Status of Green Economy Initiatives in Tolon District, Tema and Kumasi Metropolitan Assemblies-Ghana. GIZ/UNEP Green Economy Transition Project Report, June         2016. 85pages        

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