STEPRI Attends Climate Change Workshop

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CSIR-STEPRI was inivited by the Chinese Government to participate in the “Climate Change and Green Low-Carbon Development Seminar” in Beijing, China. The seminar was tailored to maintain closer communication among developing countries with respect to the challenges of climate change. It provided information on the policies and measures adopted and contributions made by the Chinese Government to respond to climate change. The seminar was organized by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Climate Change of China.

The mode of delivery at the seminar was lectures from government officials and experts from the universities and research organisations based on the policies and measures adopted by the Chinese Government in the field of environmental protection, forestry, agriculture, science and technology, and population combating climate change, etc. There was also onsite visits to local areas including technology centres and organisations where there was exchange of ideas on climate change and green low-carbon development. There was also a five (5) day visit to Tianjin Economic - Technological Development Area (TEDA) located at the Northern coastal part of China. The rationale for the visit to TEDA was to explore some of the successes achieved in the area in relation to climate change and green low-carbon development and sharing of experiences and learning from the policies and measures adopted by China through south-south cooperation.

Mr. Stephen Awuni of the Agriculture Medicine and the Environment Division of CSIR-STEPRI led  the Ghana team to make a presentation on the policies and some measures adopted by Ghana with regards to climate change adaptation and mitigation. The seminar training centre was based in Zhong Jia Hot Spring Hotel in Beijing.